Yuri Large Pendant Light

Yuri Large Pendant Light

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Yuri Large Pendant Light
\nWhat sports tool does it look like? To the rings of artistic gymnastics.
\nThe inspiration came from the vision of the exercises of a great champion of Italian artistic gymnastics, "Jury Chechi", hence the name YURI.
\nThe design is limited to a simple porcelain ring, hollowed out in the internal part for the technical housing of the LED, which gives a soft and homogeneous lighting effect on both sides. Yuri is completed with a leather strap, fixed at the end by a stud, which completes the simple elegance of this suspension.
\nLarge Yuri Pendant Light
\nCode: 0007397-101
\nType 1 electrification Led Light
\nSize: cm. 67 h x 30 l x 6 w - 800 gr.

SKU: 0007397-101
Tags: Home CoutureLightingPending Light

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