Prestigious artefacts, they will always be admired for the history and tradition they embody.
The history behind Villari
The history behind Villari

Founded in 1967 by Cesare and Silvia Villari, in Solagna (VI), who are now joined by their two daughters Alessandra and Barbara and their son Leone, the company continues to re-invent porcelain, with skill and creative audacity, giving life to collections ranging from a more classic taste to the most recent projects born from the union of craftsmanship and contemporary design that are also open to experimentation with different materials and product types.

Artist Collaboration

Cesare Villari produced a life-size statue of “Michael Jackson and bubbles”, painted entirely in 24 carats gold, depicting the popsinger holding his chimpanzee. Five copies were made of the latter and, on may 15th 2001 one copy of this work was sold by Sotheby’s - New York to an anonymous artcollector for 5,615,000 dollars. These two works Have been exhibited in a number of famous museums, including the Guggenheim museum of Bilbao, museums in munich, cologne and berlin, And the guggenheim and the moma in New York. At the moment one of The models is exibited at the moma san Francisco museum of modern art (ca).

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