Nardò Pendant Light - Amber
Nardò Pendant Light - Amber
Nardò Pendant Light - Amber

Nardò Pendant Light - Amber

€ 1.141,00

Nardò Pendant Light is amazing pendant structure made up of 1 easily adjustable pendant suspension supported by steel cables.The pendant is made of Murano glass blown by master craftsmen, with porcelain ellipse decorated in platinum. The whole of this chandelier brings us back to the atmospheres of Salento precisely for this reason its name recalls Nardò the famous city of the Salentina peninsula which represents its colors and magical atmosphere. This chandelier is inspired by this unique atmosphere.


Nardò Pendant Light

Type 1 lights electrification x Max 28W E14 CE

Size: cm. 36 h x 40 ø - 3,5 kg

SKU: F708001-901
Tags: Home CoutureLightingPending Light

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