The Dreamer Christmas Bauble - Shiny Gold

The Dreamer Christmas Bauble - Shiny Gold

€ 181,00

Introducing The Dreamer Christmas Bauble, a true masterpiece of artistry and elegance. This exceptional ornament is meticulously handcrafted using the finest porcelain, with every detail carefully sculpted and adorned with intricate beauty. Designed by the renowned artist Leone Villari, this Christmas ball showcases his remarkable talent and creative vision.

Christmas Tree Decoration
Collection : Space
The Dream comes true
A perfect balance between visual texture and contemporary elegance
Handmade porcelain
Beautiful hand painted 24ct gold
Dimensions: H12 x L8 x W8 cm.
Handmade in Italy

SKU: 0008625-604
Tags: ChristmasGiftsHome AccessoriesSpaceThe Dreamer

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In the quest of excellence, VILLARI has produced Italian artisan porcelain since 1967. Unique and signature creations using techniques passed down generationally, interwoven with creativity, innovation and heritage, come to life through the artistry of our master craftspeople.

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