Rock Hu - Limited Edition 88 Pcs
Rock Hu - Limited Edition 88 Pcs

Rock Hu - Limited Edition 88 Pcs


The king of the jungle becomes part of the “Arte” collection by Villari. HU, a gorilla made in finest porcelain, with an imposing figure, transports us into the lush vegetation of the rain forests.
A creature symbolizing majesty, force, nobility and intelligence, considered a sacred animal since ancient times, brilliantly reinterpreted by the artist down to the smallest details.

Rock Hu Limited Edition 88 Pcs
Collection : Animals
Inspired by the animal world
Highly artistic aspect
A Must for collectors
Material: handmade porcelain and studded
Dimensions: H65 x L65 x W34 cm.
Handmade in Italy

SKU: 5308300-807
Categories: Masterpieces
Tags: AnimalsLeone Villari

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