Peacock Medium Chandelier - 12 Lights - London

Peacock Medium Chandelier - 12 Lights - London

€ 15.842,00

Make a grand statement in the home with this wonderful chandelier inspired by Art Deco and peacock plumage. Its structure in brass supports a myriad of elements evoking the silhouette and texture of peacock feathers and made of fine porcelain hand painted in striking color combination of pearl grey, silver, platinum and mouth-blown Murano glass in shades of grey and platinum. Inside this conical shape, 12 lightbulbs shine for a captivating, warm light and a stunning final effect. This work of art exudes mesmerizing allure and is a splendid example of Villari’s exquisite craftsmanship. A magnificent chandelier that will add sophistication and drama to a refined home.

12 Light Chandelier
Collection : Peacock
Elegant pattern inspired by peacock feathers and by the twenties Deco style
An exquisite statement collection
Material: brass, murano glass, handmade porcelain
Strinking color combination : Matt White,Pearl Grey, Platinum, Silver
Dimensions: H110 x Ø90 cm.
Weight : 54 Kg
Handmade in Italy

SKU: F807277-349
Tags: ChandeliersHome CoutureLightingPeacock

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In the quest of excellence, VILLARI has produced Italian artisan porcelain since 1967. Unique and signature creations using techniques passed down generationally, interwoven with creativity, innovation and heritage, come to life through the artistry of our master craftspeople.

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