Mikado Blush Chandelier - 6 Lights

Mikado Blush Chandelier - 6 Lights

€ 6.452,00

Bring feminine charm to your home with this Mikado is a sofisticate chandelier. An actualization of feminine flair and modern taste, this chandelier stands out for its intriguing interplay of textures and fine materials exquisitely accented with delicate shades of pink. The essential, golden-finished metal frame features a ring to which are fixed a crown of Murano glass tiles along the interior and porcelain tiles with wavy grooves on the exterior, all combined to shade the light radiating from six bulbs. . A magnificent chandelier that will add sophistication to a refined home.

6 Light Chandelier
Collection : Mikado
A feminine charm
Material: brass, murano glass, handmade porcelain
Delicate pink color
Beautiful hand painted 24ct gold detailing
Dimensions: H68x Ø60 cm.
Weight : 18 Kg
Handmade in Italy

SKU: F807902-259
Tags: ChandeliersHome CoutureLightingMikado

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