King Elephant

King Elephant

€ 6.501,00

King Elephant is an iconic Villari master peace created by Cesare Villari in the 70s and represents the image of the company. The elephant has a positive meaning throughout the world, in fact it is considered a symbol of good luck. Let's see where this belief comes from. Giving an elephant means wanting to transfer all the good qualities to the chosen person. It is considered a symbol of good luck, as long as the trunk is raised, as in the photograph. In addition, in the house it must be positioned with the muzzle facing a window, as if looking outside.made of porcelain, here it is decorated in 24 carat gold, but it can also be made in many other colors on request.

King Elephant
Collection : Animals
Inspired by the animal world
Highly artistic aspect
A Must for collectors
Material: handmade porcelain
Beautiful hand painted 24ct gold
Dimensions: cm 55 h x 55 l
Handmade in Italy

SKU: 0000810-602
Tags: AnimalsMasterpieces

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