Holi Elephant - Coral

Holi Elephant - Coral

€ 2.980,00

Outstanding in its beauty, the elephant is considered as a symbol of wisdom, stability, loyalty, intelligence, peace, reliability and determination and good luck! In India, the elephant is a sacred animal and the greatest star of the annual Jaipur festival. This Holi Elephant has been captured in porcelain with all its distinctive features by the artist Leone Villari and beautifully hand painted with bright colors and 24 ct gold. With its upward pointed trunk, the elephant dispenses energy, luck, prosperity and happiness. The Holi Elephant can be paired with another Holi Elephant available in a complementary color. A wonderful gift idea.

Elephant Sculpture
Collection : Animals
Inspired by the animal world
Highly artistic aspect
A Must for collectors
Material: handmade porcelain
Elegant pearl grey color with a pretty multi-hued color palette
Beautiful hand painted 24ct gold detailing
Dimensions: H30 x L18 x W31 cm.
Handmade in Italy

SKU: 0004971-502
Tags: AnimalsGiftsHousewarmingMasterpieces

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