Gold Bullion Coin Bank by John Beckmann

Gold Bullion Coin Bank by John Beckmann

€ 551,00

Provocative, ironic, with a spirit of total expressive freedom, designer John Beckmann enters the Golden Age with a decorative object, halfway between a product and a work of art.


Gold Bullion Coin Bank” is a porcelain ingot painted by hand in 24k gold, based on a witty concept inspired by the James Bond film Goldfinger. “Even millionaires have to save their money. What better place to keep coins than inside gold ingots?,” Beckmann says.


Size: cm 5,3 h x 10,3 l x 21,5 w

Material: Porcelain

Handmade in Italy

SKU: 0007669-604
Tags: DesignDesignersGolden AgeJohn Beckmann

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