Falcon Vide - Black & Brown

Falcon Vide - Black & Brown

€ 470,00

Lend elegance to any surface in your home with this falcon vide-poche from Villari. Worldwide the falcon has come to symbolize courage, vision, rulership and victory. Crafted by skilled artisans in Italy from porcelain and hand painted with 24ct gold details, this vide-poche is a tribute to the most precious bird. Sure to be admired by guests to your home it is the perfect way to store trinkets, jewellery and other small accessories, making this vide poche tray a wonderful gift idea for any special occasion.

SKU: 0004264-536
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In the quest of excellence, VILLARI has produced Italian artisan porcelain since 1967. Unique and signature creations using techniques passed down generationally, interwoven with creativity, innovation and heritage, come to life through the artistry of our master craftspeople.

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