Dandelion Chandelier- 16 Lights - H 91 Cm - Gold

Dandelion Chandelier- 16 Lights - H 91 Cm - Gold

€ 10.139,00

This magnificent chandelier inspired by a dandelion is an irregular sphere made with murano glass porcelain discs through which the light comes out creating extremely interesting reflections that make it a luminous sculpture. Translating into a contemporary design the delicate silhouette of a dandelion, this chandelier is a superb object of functioning decor. It features 8 lights and a spherical shape that combines a brass structure with porcelain and mouth-blown Murano glass diffusers for a unique effect of unparalleled sophistication. It will adorn any classic or contemporary interior. The colors of china red and gold recreate the atmosphere of an ancient Saigon with girls and their graceful umbrellas… This striking piece is perfect for turning any space into a trendy setting.

Collection : Dandelion
Inspired by the dandelion flowers
Creating an eye-catching effect
Material: brass 24 ct gold plated, murano glass, handmade porcelain
Beautifully hand painted with 24ct gold and bright red
Beautiful 24ct gold detailing
Dimensions: H91 x Ø60 cm.
Weight : 16 Kg
Handmade in Italy

SKU: F807503-576
Tags: ChandeliersDandelionHome CoutureLighting

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