Crazy Graal by Emanuele Pangrazi - Pink
Crazy Graal by Emanuele Pangrazi - Pink
Crazy Graal by Emanuele Pangrazi - Pink

Crazy Graal by Emanuele Pangrazi - Pink

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Light, transparency, color. Simple, minimal lines in dialogue with each other, perfectly interlocked to create a series of unique objects. FUNKY GRAAL by Emanuele Pangrazi, through three vases in glass and porcelain, narrates a process of invention that stems from drawing and its infinite potentialities. An ongoing study of the force of forms and the meaning of decorative language, a perpetual investigation of synthesis between memory and innovation.

Two words, Funky and Graal, that perfectly embody the idea of contamination between a sacred, precious, unique element and over-the-top decoration.

Crazy Graal by Emanuele Pangrazi
Collection : Golden Age
Designed by Emanuele Pangrazi
Sophisticated design and material
Material: handmade porcelain and murano glass
Beautiful 24ct gold detailing
Dimensions: H31 x Ø 15 cm.
Handmade in Italy

SKU: 8208151-602
Tags: DesignEmanuele PangraziGolden AgeValentine's DayVases
Emanuele Pangrazi
Emanuele Pangrazi

Emanuele Pangrazi is an award-winning Italian designer and creative director who works for companies globally.He has a bachelor's degree in industrial design and a master's in digital artatNAD Center in Montreal, and most recently, in Design ThinkingatMIT in Boston.He would be better defined as a designer in constant evolution, a bit of a philosopher and a bit irreverent.Thanks to his vision and experience gained over the years, he has established himself in the design of hi-tech, furniture, ceramics and in recent years also of complex systems and services, through a Human-Centred design approach.The passion for his work is manifested in careful and continuous research, in the observation of reality andin the memoryrecovery. This contributes to the birth of objects with a material and deeply conceptual awareness. Following this vision, he founds his studio, a place in which observations, memories, values, circulate freely in a flow of ideas and solutions.

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