Crater by Studio Job - Gold

Crater by Studio Job - Gold


Rock and its material manifestations such as erosion and explosion have been fundamental to Studio Jobs' work since its inception and have defined several of its iconic products.
Examples include the 'Post Craft' collection created in 2002, characterised by a 'rock structure' in patinated and polished bronze; or the innovative 'Robber Baron', inspired by the themes of wealth, power and corruption, which consisted of a collection of bronze sculptures that appeared to have exploded and eroded.
The 'Crater' vase takes up this thread by using a new material, porcelain, to create its iconic 'rocky' structure hand-painted in 24ct gold. A hole drilled in the centre of the vase leaves behind an ideal core of burnt rock.
With its exploded form, the vase is visually stripped of its containing function, becoming a true sculpture.
Job describes his work as 'Orwellian' and states: 'These objects have a dangerous fascination, you know they are scary but you are fascinated by them'.
This project is representative of the evocative and ironic style of Studio Jobs, which has always worked on the borderline between art and design, developing an attitude towards projects that are recognisable in their expressive complexity.

CRATER by Studio Job
Brand: NVillari
Inspired by the themes of wealth, power and corruption
Highly artistic aspect
A Must for collectors
Material: handmade porcelain
Beautiful 24ct gold detailing
Dimensions: cm 28 h x 17 l x 15 w
Handmade in Italy

SKU: 0008423-803
Categories: Design
Tags: DesignDesignersNVillariStudio Job

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