CRA$Y with Swarovski® by Marcantonio
CRA$Y with Swarovski® by Marcantonio
CRA$Y with Swarovski® by Marcantonio

CRA$Y with Swarovski® by Marcantonio

€ 6.090,00

Art and design form a whole in the creations of Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, continuing his collaboration with Villari this year. Connections between man and nature form the recurring theme, interpreting the dynamics and beauty of nature while revealing the intervention of man, altering the original. In constant pursuit of pure, pithy concepts, the artist produces objects that fascinate and amaze, telling novel and extraordinary stories.
This approach has led to “CRA$Y,” balanced between elegance and irony, featuring a white biscuit porcelain chimpanzee with golden teeth and details in Swarovski crystal, reference the fashion of the “grillz” favored by rappers towards the end of the 1980s.

CRA$Y with Swarovski® by Marcantonio Limited Edition 88 Pcs
Collection : Animals
Inspired by the animal world
Highly artistic aspect
A Must for collectors
Material: handmade porcelain, crystallized tm – swarovski elements
Beautiful gold teeth adorned with Swarovski crystal incrustations
Dimensions: cm 41 h x 35 l x 33 w
Handmade in Italy

SKU: 10.8369-709
Tags: AnimalsDesignMarcantonioNewness 2023

Marcantonio, born '76.

He attended the Art Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts. As soon as he graduated, he began working as a theatrical set designer and collaborating with various architects.

Soon he started to create unique design pieces while working on an Artistic production. Step by step the two careers began to contaminate each other and his design gets enriched with artistic concepts.

The connections between Man and Nature are his favorite topic, with his original interpretation of Nature’s dynamics and beauties showing Man’s attitude to alter the original. He learned from Art how an idea can be elegant, which is why he is always looking for pure and synthetic concepts.

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