Cocco Waste Basket

Cocco Waste Basket

€ 736,00

Add a dash of designer chic to your interior with the Cocco collection. Taking its inspiration from the rich texture of crocodile skin and infusing it with porcelain, the end result is an opulent crocodile skin like design, adding instant luxury to any space. The versatile Cocco waste basket, which can also be used as a plant pot, is handcrafted from fine porcelain, adorned with a tactile surface and hand painted in a shimmery caramel hue. It will add a classy touch to any interior.

SKU: 0003627-529
Tags: Bathroom AccessoriesCocco Caramel Bathroom SetWaste Basket

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Italian Craftmanship

In the quest of excellence, VILLARI has produced Italian artisan porcelain since 1967. Unique and signature creations using techniques passed down generationally, interwoven with creativity, innovation and heritage, come to life through the artistry of our master craftspeople.

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