55 years of passion for porcelain


With the passion and determination that have always distinguished the company, Villari has reached the milestone of 55 years this year.

A significant anniversary achieved thanks to the creation of high quality products and the result of masterful craftsmanship, which has allowed Villari to establish itself internationally as a distinguished player in the field of interior design.

Founded in 1967 by Cesare and Silvia Villari, in Solagna (VI), and since joined by two daughters Alessandra and Barbara and their son Leone, the company continues to reinvent porcelain. With competence, creative audacity and a touch of poetry and imagination, they give life to collections ranging from those for a more classic taste, to the latest projects of the "Home Couture" and "Golden Age" collections. These are born of a combination of craftsmanship and contemporary design, which is also open to experimentation with different materials. 


Confirming the prestige of the brand, a collaboration with one of the most important pop artists, Jeff Koons; who in 1998 commissioned Cesare Villari to create two works: "S. Giovanni Battista", as a free interpretation of the S. Giovannino by Leonardo Da Vinci in four editions. And the life-size statue "Michael Jackson and Bubbles" (in 5 editions) a portrayal of Michael Jackson with his small chimpanzee painted in 24 carat gold.  One of the four was sold in 2001 by Sotheby’s for $6.5 million. 


These works, which have been exhibited in the most important museums in the world, such as the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Munich, Cologne, Berlin, and the MOMA in San Francisco, where one of the examples is currently located, still testify to the great artistic and technical ability of Villari that has made it a true ambassador for ‘Made in Italy’ around the world.

A clear path that, thanks to products characterized by a fanatical devotion to detail and great refinement, allowed Villari to reach an international audience. From its headquarters in Solagna (VI), the beating heart of Villari production, the company exports its products all over the world: from Europe, Asia, the United States and the Arab Emirates. Thanks to over 30 stores including the Dubai Mall, Harrods in London and multiple monobrand stores, Villari is present in many of the world’s capital cities.

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