The Symphony of Blues at Cleopatra Aquarium Resort

In the world of hospitality design, lighting not only plays a key role in the functionality of a space but also in defining its character and ambiance. Recently, Villari Contract Division, in collaboration with the esteemed architectural firm Architetturambiente, undertook a project that exemplifies this principle to stunning effect at the Cleopatra Aquarium Resort in Sharm El Sheikh.

A Symphony of Blues

From the outset, the Villari team was tasked with a challenging and exciting brief: to create custom-made lighting solutions that resonate with the tranquil and mesmerizing shades of blue, reflecting the aquatic allure of the resort's surroundings. The result is a series of installations that not only illuminate spaces but also enhance and transform them.

The Lobby: A Diving Delight

Upon entering the lobby of the Cleopatra Aquarium Resort, guests are immediately greeted by a breathtaking installation dubbed "Dive". This piece features an array of lights in various shades of blue, meticulously arranged at different levels on a 3-meter diameter stainless steel structure. The arrangement mimics the serenity and the dynamic aesthetics of the ocean, setting a calming tone for the entire resort.

The Lounge: Turquoise Tranquility

Moving into the lounge, the atmosphere shifts subtly with the introduction of two "Kelly" chandeliers. These fixtures, rendered in a vibrant turquoise hue, draw inspiration from the lushness of tropical waters. They provide a focal point that is both a conversation starter and a tranquil backdrop for the lounge's relaxed setting.

The Main Restaurant: Cascading Elegance

The main restaurant at the resort showcases an impressive "Salento" suspension cascade, also in a captivating blue. This installation not only illuminates the dining area but also creates an illusion of dining under a gentle waterfall, with light filtering through blue waters. The cascading design adds a dynamic element to the space, inviting diners to engage with the environment in a deeper, more meaningful way.

The Art and Science of Custom Lighting

The process of creating these custom lighting structures involved meticulous planning, design, and collaboration between Villari Contract Division and Architetturambiente. Each piece was crafted not only to meet aesthetic standards but also to adhere to technical requirements, ensuring that the beauty of the installations is matched by their functionality and durability.

Contract Division

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