Setting up the Royal Suite at Four Seasons Hotel Florence


Villari Contract is a well-known Italian luxury furniture and interior design company with a reputation for creating exquisite spaces for clients all over the world. This case study focuses on the project undertaken by the Villari Contract team for setting up the Royal Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence, Italy.



The objective of this project was to design, furnish, and decorate the Royal Suite, also known as the Della Gherardesca, in a luxurious yet elegant style that reflects the grandeur of the Four Seasons brand and the historical ambiance of Florence.



Historical Significance: The Four Seasons Hotel in Florence is housed in a centuries-old palace, Palazzo della Gherardesca. Preserving the historical elements while incorporating modern luxury was a key challenge.


Space Utilization: The Royal Suite required meticulous planning to make efficient use of each area while ensuring it exudes opulence and comfort.


Client's Requirements: The client set high expectations for the design, craftsmanship, and custom-made furniture within a specified timeline.



Research and Concept Development: The team extensively researched the historical context of the Palazzo della Gherardesca and the Four Seasons brand to develop a concept that would seamlessly blend the classical architecture with contemporary comfort and elegance.


Design Development: The team created detailed floor plans, 3D visualizations, and mood boards to present their design proposal. The concept focused on a harmonious and timeless color palette, opulent fabrics, and bespoke furniture pieces.


Collaboration: The team collaborated closely with other stakeholders, including architects, contractors, and interior designers to ensure a smooth execution of the project, adhering to the highest quality standards.


Timeline and Budget Management: To meet the client's requirements, the team established a detailed project timeline and closely monitored budget allocation, keeping open lines of communication to address any unforeseen circumstances promptly.





The team began by renovating the existing space, addressing any structural and historical preservation needs.


Wallcoverings, draperies, and upholstery were installed, incorporating high-quality fabrics, ornate textures, and careful attention to detail.


Lighting fixtures, artwork, and accessories were strategically chosen and placed to enhance the overall ambiance of the suite.



The Villari Contract team successfully created a luxurious, yet historically respectful, ambiance that showcases the grandeur of the Palazzo della Gherardesca and the opulence of the Four Seasons brand.


The Royal Suite achieved a seamless integration of historical elements with modern amenities, providing guests with a unique experience staying in Florence.


The client was highly satisfied with the final result, praising the attention to detail, craftsmanship, and the ability to meet both the aesthetic and functional requirements.



Villari Contract's successful execution of the Royal Suite project at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence exemplifies their expertise in combining historical preservation, luxury design, and bespoke craftsmanship. The team's meticulous attention to detail, collaboration with stakeholders, and commitment to meeting client expectations resulted in a stunning and unique space that elevates the guest experience while maintaining the integrity of the historical surroundings.

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