Marie Antoinette Oval Dining Table - Gold & Pink
Marie Antoinette Oval Dining Table - Gold & Pink

Marie Antoinette Oval Dining Table - Gold & Pink

€ 32.540,00

Marie Antoinette dinning oval table is amazing peace of art. Made of precious 24-karat gold plated brass, decorated with hundreds of small delicate rose leaves, it features beautiful porcelain roses when you observe which you will notice that no rose is identical to the other. Each fine porcelain flower delicate and refined is made by our master craftsmen and is available in various colors. This model features roses in various shades of pink, lilac, fuchsia peach, making it a naturalistic combination of colors that refer to the splendor of the well-known princess. Marie Antoinette Considered by the enemies as careless and disinterested, more dedicated to her coiffure than to the government of France, Marie Antoinette actually was a contemporary woman. She was able to confirm that a high position of power is not incompatible with the desire to be a beautiful and fashion-conscious woman. The French queen demonstrated that a rarefied existence can refine the might of authority.This very elegant dining table represents a jewel of refinement and mastery of colors.The top is made of unbreakable transparent extra clear glass, and it is also available in different sizes on request.

Size cm 77 h x 220 l x 120 w

SKU: 4002580-200
Tags: Furniture

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