King Kong Rhino by Li-Jen Shih - Multicolor & Gold

King Kong Rhino by Li-Jen Shih - Multicolor & Gold

€ 8.790,00

King Kong Rhino is a symbol of justice and power impressed to porcelain.
In order to create it the artist Li-Jen Shih decided to turn the rhino, a majestic creature which has always been considered as a symbol of luck and kindness in Chinese culture, into a piece of contemporary art, a heroic and modern icon of the "real survivor". I've always considered the rhino as a creature which is close to me. It's always been sorrowful to me to follow the news about the endangered life of rhinos in the world and therefore I decided to create a work aimed at witnessing its beauty and make people aware about the concrete risk of extinction that rhinos run – says Li-Jen Shih — on a spiritual level, my sculpture embodies many thoughts are deeply rooted in ancient Chinese culture, while, in term of style and expression, it represents contemporaneity".

King Kong Rhino by Li-Jen Shih
Limited edition: 88 pcs
Designed by Li-Jen Shih
Material: handmade porcelain
Dimensions: cm. 44 h x 65 l x 20 w
Handmade in Italy

SKU: 0005320-946
Tags: AnimalsDesignDesignersGolden AgeLi-Jen ShihMasterpieces

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